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A message from Father Robb Jurkovich
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Here are a few updates on the progress of the projects we have coming up for parish improvements:

The Doors:  I had been optimistic that they might be done and installed by the time we went to Honduras, but that was obviously too optimistic. I receive updates regularly from the Artist, Sally Litscher (with pictures) on the artistic progress. She is doing a marvelous job and is on the last panel. The last panel is the most challenging and she has done several practice runs to get things right with respect to the details of the Blessed Mother’s image. I am very glad that she is taking the time to get it right. It will be worth the wait. Once she is done, Woodtech Builders will only need 2 days to install the doors...we’re close.

Tuckpointing:  Due to our late snowfall into April or so this year, the Karr Tuckpointing Company had to postpone their original target of doing our job in early Spring. Thus, the new target is early August. So, in about 2-3 weeks we should be getting a notification from them as to the official start date. Their work will not interfere with any Mass schedules or any other activity in the parish. It will simply be a matter of looking at scaffolding for a few weeks. Recall that they will be tuckpointing the entire church building as well as the old rectory (the office building).

Moving the Altar:  This will be done in conjunction with the doors. This is the easiest part, but there will be a couple of days in which the ambo will be taken to the shop for modification. The ‘ambo’ is the actual term for the thing most people call ‘the pulpit’, from where the reading of Sacred Scripture takes place (and often the homily).

Sound System:  We had professional consultants in from Ashland last week to give us insight as to the upgrading of our sound system. Some initial improvements have been ordered, (like a newer mic on the ambo and new individual mics for the priest and deacon) but they share the opinion that once the doors are on, it will be a big difference. No further overhaul will be done until after the doors are in place.

May the Pease of Christ be with you always!

Fr. Robb

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